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River Clyde

The River Clyde, famous for the ship building people forget that there is a hidden gem further upstream, where the Brown trout grow large and stunning with their special Clyde spots, small and marble looking. One hour outside of the hustle and bustle of Glasgow and Edinburgh you can be on the banks of this wonderful river with many different types water  Big Brown River Clyde  Cracking Fish on the ClydeMonster Trout on Dry Fly Beautiful Clyde Fish

Challenging water where your wading will have to be very good or you be in for a soaking, but well worth the effort with amazing fish both grayling and browns trout to be caught.

River Clyde 59cm Brown River Clyde Brownie

And then there is easy going water for wading, ideal for the not so adventurous but not any less fishy, these beats are very productive also when I will go searching for fish on the dry fly when the conditions are right. One thing is for sure there is a lifetime fish in there for everyone and I think I've had mine at 59cm.

There is different types of water to suit everyone and same with wading, dependant on what you want is dependant on where you fish.

This river fishes well all year round as long as we are not in flood. Favourite methods, French Nymphing and Dry Fly but others work also.

River ClydeRiver ClydeRiver ClydeRiver Clyde

Some days you can fish all methods like some of the fish below caught on the nymph in morning time and dries in the afternoon

Clyde BrownClyde Brown

A few more picture to wet your appetite and get you on the Clyde in 2016/2017, don't wait book up now.

These fish below were caught on a very difficult day with a lot of wind yet there was a pod of 6 fish that were sipping away on dries, I caught them all but one that broke me.

Clyde Brown DriesClyde Brown DriesRiver ClydeRiver ClydeRiver ClydeRiver Clyde