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River Tummel

A tributary to the River Tay and not much smaller the River Tummel flows through Pitlochry and down towards the junction where it meets the Tay.

A superb blind dry fly water with a very large head of fish it can fish its socks off very early in the season to dry fly.

Earlier this year in my National Rivers Heat, faced with a heat wave at the end of May, I managed to win all four of my session fished, a first in Scottish River Competitions. No one has had 4 x 1st places. I caught all on dry fly.

This river is the favoured river for the Scotland National Squad to be chosen from or qualify from and is not an easy river if you do not know it. So whether you just want a day out or you want to get your mind in the right place for Competitions and want that bit of experienced help then why not book a day up or two.

River Tummel 2012 Nat HeatRiver Tumnmel 2012River Tummel 2012River Tummel 2012River Tummel 2012Dougie G On Tummel

Fishes very well to wet fly and also the Duo - Trio methods, suspending nymphs below and indicator in my case a klinkhammer.

Some more pictures from this year.

Its amazing that a lot of good anglers can do well in a national round but when they get to the final they fall apart, have a day with me to help you inspire confidence in your own ability or just help you brush up on techniques and styles.

River TummelRiver Tummel Nationa HeatRiver Tummel Nationa HeatRiver Tummel Nationa HeatRiver Tummel Nationa Heat