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Loch Baa

Wild brown trout, eagles, deer, stags and Glen Coe, what a fitting surrounding for such a beautiful Loch. Loch Baa is in a chain of lochs that connect via small rivers. Being the closest to the road and easiest of access it is a favourite of the travelling clubs.

Not a place to fish on your own as it can be dangerous and you do not want to be stranded out on the Rannoch moors when it starts to get dark so a guide is a must for a your first trip there.

Loch BaaLoch BaaLoch BaaLoch BaaLoch Baa

With many boulders and drop off's in the water, it can be advantageous to have a guide that knows where you can wade and cannot. Behind every boulder there are three or four wild browns waiting to jump at your flies, what interest me is that they are all different colours.

Favourite way to fish here is floating line with a Loch Baa muddler on the top dropper and a Bibio emerger in the middle and an Alexandria on the point all on a floating line and pull it through the waves, watch em chase it and smash it great fun.

Loch BaaLoch BaaLoch BaaLoch BaaLoch BaaLoch Baa

Bank fishing is superb but if you really want to explore the Loch properly and get some good exercise at that same time, float tubing is the way to go. Every year there is a big fish caught in here sometimes 6lb+, but its the 3/4lb fish that you go for as there is so many of them.