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Lake of Mentieth

The lake of Mentieth in the Port of Mentieth, A lovely place to be, some of the best scenery around in Scotland. The fishing is good to thanks to Douglas and Quint, it is stocked with hard fighting Bow's, Blues and browns with the more than occasional pike to be caught.

There are some huge pike in the lake and also some huge trout, now the main focal point for Scottish Competition Loch Style. It is the Mecca in Scotland for rainbows trout's, much the same a loch Leven is now back to its best with Brown Trout's. You might even be lucky to see the Osprey's Picture below

Lake Of Mentieth PikeLake Of Mentieth Osprey

This is where I fish my rounds of the National Competition to get into the Scotland team, I won my heat this year with 15 fish mostly on dries and mostly away from the convoy of boats. I do like to do my own thing on there and try my best not to follow the crowds, seems to work for me.

Great place to learn all those important styles of fishing, Washing Line Static booby, dries, straight lining nymphs and with some big fish in there.

I should know as I still hold the Fly Caught Record of 17lb 13ozs Lake Of Mentieth Record

Lake Of Mentieth Lake Of Mentieth Lake Of Mentieth Lake Of Mentieth Lake Of Mentieth Lake Of Mentieth Lake Of Mentieth All caught on my 9' 5wt river rod on booby and Diawl Bachs static.

A few of my son Callum in the boat, Happy Days

Callum Lake Of Mentieth Callum Lake Of Mentieth